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Band:           Garcia
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Description / text file:
Keith & Donna Band
20 August 1975
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, California

source:  MSC>1 Reel>DAT>CDR>WAV>SHN; Shn converted with Mkw by Robert Goetz (winterland121072 at yahoo.com) 
Per __the jerry site__ "This appears to be the complete Set 1 of a two-set show"

Set 1 
Disk 1
01.  Tough Mama  
02.  My Love For You  
03.  Straight Life  
04.  Tuning
05.  Come See About Me  

Disk 2
01.  How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)  
02.  Showboat  
03.  Instrumental  
04.  Tuning
05.  Sweet Baby  
06.  Tuning
07.  Instrumental  

The Keith and Donna Band, on 20 August 1975, comprised:

Keith Godchaux - keyboards, backing vocals 
Donna Godchaux - vocals 
Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals 
Matt Kelly - harmonica 
Mike Larsheid - bass 
Steve Schuster - saxophone 
Ray Scott - drums 
Bill Kreutzmann - drums 

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