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Band:           Garcia
Torrent Name:   lom75-06-03.aud-menke_falanga.4477.sbeok.shnf
Uploaded by:    michaelpanic
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=27576

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Description / text file:
Legion of Mary
Keystone - June 3, 1975 - Berkeley, CA
Legacy: MAC>DAT/2>CD
lom1975,06-03_Berkeley, CA

Disc One
lom1975,06-03_101-(( It Takes((a Lot to Laugh,ITATTC
lom1975,06-03_102-Feel Like Dynamite		 
lom1975,06-03_103-Day By Day Instr'l	 
lom1975,06-03_104-Tore Up Over You			 
lom1975,06-03_105-Going, Going, Gone		 
Total Time			[70:24]

Disc Two
lom1975,06-03_201-The Harder They Come 	 
lom1975,06-03_202-Bossa Martin 		 
lom1975,06-03_203-Someday Baby 		 
lom1975,06-03_204-How Sweet It Is 		 
Total Time			[54:52]

d1t01 ITALTL, ITATTC cuts in;
d1t01 ITALTL, ITATTC major cut @ 2:28;
d1t01 ITALTL, ITATTC L channel out @ 2:28-2:33;
d1t01 ITALTL, ITATTC level fluctuations @ 2:56ff;
d1t02 originally contained both Dynamite and Day by Day,
track split using CDWAVE;
d1t02 Dynamite comes in abruptly, a note or two may be missing;
d1t02 Dynamite distortion @ 0:36-0:38
Recorded by Bob Menke and Louis Falanga, Sony ECM-270 +
Sony ECM-250 (onstage) > Sony TC-152; via Jack Warner.
D1 re-tracked and -shortened, files re-named to etree
standard, and seeded by Joe Jupille
154ed813eb73c4ad8053c43c37bc4fd7 *lom1975,06-03_101-(( It Takes((a Lot to Laugh,ITATTC.shn
9e7c0a869ef162677c1a99b90bf61d36 *lom1975,06-03_102-Feel Like Dynamite.shn
0103c446f5f9f892881a7f871a8ed7df *lom1975,06-03_103-Day By Day Instr'l.shn
fd987fbaf7863da2558c8804bfa428ae *lom1975,06-03_104-Tore Up Over You.shn
4100ec12be6ff9a51cd377e1d20d7cc1 *lom1975,06-03_105-Going, Going, Gone.shn
b002e0719b0f82ea146629a5dbfcdb13 *lom1975,06-03_201-The Harder They Come.shn
c1a99eeb22808ca63749501b99b28bd7 *lom1975,06-03_202-Bossa Martin.shn
3f938087422ce02573b2e8011f466ec6 *lom1975,06-03_203-Someday Baby.shn
bda7ded9503b5c0c40988ed73941cff3 *lom1975,06-03_204-How Sweet It Is.shn

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