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Band:           Garcia
Torrent Name:   jg+ms73-01-15.sbd.9573.sbeok.shnf
Uploaded by:    keysareme
DB Link:        http://db.etre.org/shn/9573
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=27541

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being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Jerry Garcia & Merle Saunders
Inn Of The Beginning
Cotati, Ca
January 15, 1973

Disc 1
Set 1

01 Hi-Heel Sneakers 
02 Expressway (To Your Heart) 
03 Lonely Avenue 
04 Find A Rainbow (1)    
05 Georgia On My Mind (1)    
06 Honey Chile (1)  

Disc 2
Set 2

01 I Second That Emotion  
02 Soul Roach  
03 I Was Made To Love Her (1)  
04 Go Climb A Mountain (1)- Summertime (1)
05 That's All Right, Mama  
06 Money Honey  
(1) Sara Fulcher on lead vocals. Find A Rainbow has a substantial cut. Go Climb A Mountain has a 12 second splice presumably due to reel flips. The sound is greatly distorted for first 2 songs and partly distorted for songs 3 and 4 due to problems on the reels. This is one of the shows discovered in the Betty Cantor auction.
Source: MSR>P>D
Transfer:D>cdr>eac>shn by Katy Miller
contact:ryktjos at msn.com

66a790c441c37fda91a17f7223d4ddb3 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d101.shn
bc7fdf38f1844db425c5d2054627ee28 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d103.shn
e82212d7aeff3e0f1af91c5a2fe4a0b7 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d104.shn
a6a6296b540dcd3c33c869765835da74 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d105.shn
1f73f9652b9bace5e8c409807ecea1dd *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d102.shn
3e2aea1adf56561f3d478925031f79c2 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d106.shn
e282606481732311646747c44aa7f684 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d203.shn
53a7afb8eb5a37e350a1c62c14eac4b5 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d205.shn
f7661828638363b9dde72d33b76ced3c *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d204.shn
e9bf1759a3d1c7db86832a349d1766a4 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d201.shn
e5c6df951bb2ec3c39b3a2367e04ad98 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d202.shn
98650480931e8bef8af18d36aec5e306 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d206.shn

*There is a fixed Disc One included in the torrent, info is below* -->

Note on Garcia&Saunders73-01015d1edit folder.

The tracks contained in this folder have been altered from the originals.

The .md5 will not match if checked.

I increased the levels, substantially in tracks 1, 2 and 3 and to a lesser extend in 
tracks 4, 5 and 6.  Several "pops" were also removed from tracks 3 and 4, using
 EAC's Process Wave tool.  Where there was no music to recover, the original 
recording was left intact.  This was done to make the first 2 tracks of this show 
listenable.  I have not touched any of the tracks for disc 2, as there condition as
copied from the original master was much better, than for disc 1.

e-mail comments to tbmill at frontiernet.net

e97c55c8183f4eeed5fd0ea90f980f01 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d101.shn
9e5ed4b30243d47fdffd8fd5e254796c *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d102.shn
b356655521713da7ee122564a3430645 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d104.shn
dec3757f11f813438b9408e28289150b *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d105.shn
85f6137165d815dad30a7f627a8f5b86 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d106.shn
0b09d4547fd9c9fbdd0d1e1f6bab4111 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d103.shn

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