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Band:           Black Crowes
Torrent Name:   BlackCrowes2006.07.26 
Uploaded by:    cicton
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=27512

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Description / text file:
The Black Crowes
July 26th, 2006 
DTE Amphitheatre
Clarkston, MI   

Source: Neumann KM184 > V3 > PMD670
Mics at 8ft, DIN
Conversion: PMD670 > Hp dv8000 > Soundforge 8.1 > CDWave > Flac (level 6)

S E T   L I S T   
No Speak No Slave
Jam -> Black Moon Creeping
Sister Luck
Dirty Hair Halo
High Head Blues
Welcome To The Goodtimes
The Seeker
My Morning Song
Steady Rollin' Man
Wiser Time
Hard To Handle
- encore -
Let It Bleed

 1 No Speak No Slave.flac:66face503dceb115177c85c6bbb9b9ae
2 Horsehead.flac:d7ca895cea481b2556025e92187635bc
3 Jam.flac:01a68175c1622b0eae829421f8e68abe
4 Black Moon Creeping.flac:a17f8b0985705d6f27f7e5a5d2d5741f
5 Sister Luck.flac:6afcf5f050b1074ca6db27df3fb70997
6 Dirty Hair Halo.flac:3317bb3816ebfcc1e8612695292de8e0
7 High Head Blues.flac:e55f30c42fdb6715c46c6b562c3c12fb
8 Welcome To The Goodtimes.flac:c595b626d25edbe5ad0d5a8da9b708ba
9 The Seeker.flac:cbe06fef9eabbb00fd6ba47d20bf9721
10 My Morning Song.flac:7b50325b3968f1ccbb4c53d5d5012b9e
11 Steady Rollin' Man.flac:8a3babefeb91b6c9829770ccda10a682
12 Wiser Time.flac:faedc557cdd261f2e5bf80241c7d9075
13 Remedy.flac:290da475b208dbee217e4201311b6b48
14 Hard To Handle.flac:33f39083643e7e1b143c86ee8cd8a8bb
15 This Tour is Freak Powered.flac:56ac9aefe81e833c172ca6a215ab7b96
16 Let it Bleed.flac:98691359ab0809faa92fa0a3fb10b698


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