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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   ::week4paug.net RESEEDS:: Phish 10/20/1998 - Sessions @ West 54th St., New York City, NY
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Description / text file:
Sessions @ West 54th St

source: soundboard>dat>cd>eac>mkACT(shn)

1.  Sleep
2.  Frankie Says
3.  Ghost
4.  Roggae
5.  Guyute
6.  Wading in the Velvet Sea
7.  Driver*
8.  Albuquerque*
9.  Birds of a Feather
10. Piper
11. Taste
12. The Inlaw Josie Wales


please checkout the filler discs I attached, germanFM>dat>cd>eac>shn
it should sound familiar, or parts of it anyway


Show Notes: This intimate show, performed in front of roughly 200 
fans and industry executives, was a taping for the PBS television 
show Sessions. Sleep and Driver were performed acoustic. Trey made 
jokes about the length of Guyute, remarking that the show could cut 
to four commercial breaks and the band would still be playing the 
same song. Taste was played after Trey took the crowd's requests 
for the final song. When the show was aired, only Birds, Ghost, 
and Taste were broadcast, with interviews interspersed between songs.

495e64a037a33f614d55f9737a5beb6a *ph98-10-20t01.shn
cc21431fc37b965c0dbb51b1144d94a7 *ph98-10-20t02.shn
3dab1fbb564f170250877a9bbd643243 *ph98-10-20t03.shn
2ab433025e71f111b5e9d8b8ea81b6e7 *ph98-10-20t04.shn
d809391a01ed26846c04168f5804c6ea *ph98-10-20t05.shn
abf74dbc749bce375b3cdae32585adae *ph98-10-20t06.shn
3da8e0ef469e9c14bfcdc71956b976cb *ph98-10-20t07.shn
1a880769d718f521407280cba7f43354 *ph98-10-20t08.shn
c62019132f44aec3b22429fdd5ea2d77 *ph98-10-20t09.shn
1f9255076c4f3cbfceecc135df19cb25 *ph98-10-20t10.shn
a4b0456f80b3aa1828a63382896caea9 *ph98-10-20t11.shn
22d64feb022f0364b22b04103e0e1f7b *ph98-10-20t12.shn

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