[bittorrent] indigo girls : 2005-07-19: summer nights at south lake union park - seattle, washington (master edition)

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Band:           Indigo Girls
Torrent Name:   indigo girls : 2005-07-19: summer nights at south lake union park - seattle, washington (master edition) 
Uploaded by:    underdog13a
DB Link:        http://www.lifeblood.net/bootlegs/myboots/20050719.html
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Description / text file:
indigo girls
2005-07-19: summer nights at south lake union park - seattle, washington (master edition) 

(acoustic duo show) 

disc one (58:51) 

1. hammer and a nail (4:03)
2. devotion (3:27)
3. fill it up again (4:30)
4. perfect world (with girlyman) (3:45)
5. power of two (5:29)
6. yield (2:49)
7. the wood song (4:12)
8. scooter boys (3:17)
9. love will come to you (with girlyman) (4:57)
10. cold as ice (cut) (0:49)
11. land of canaan (4:09)
12. let it be me (3:29)
13. happy birthday (audience) (1:10)
14. dairy queen (3:53)
15. winthrop (3:30) 

disc two (36:05) 

1. let it ring (2:48)
2. get out the map (with girlyman) (3:15)
3. shame on you (4:02)
4. cold beer and remote control (4:38)
5. chickenman/bitterroot (9:27)
6. closer to fine (with girlyman) (4:59)
7. galileo (4:39)
8. finlandia (with girlyman) (2:10) 

an audience recording with pretty good sound.

please remember to give back what you take so that the next person in line can also have a copy of the show.

"master edition" - virtually all the 1998 and earlier shows came to me on cassette, most of the 1999 and after shows came to me via cd. i wanted a way to show these are the best that can be had from my collection - the shows i received on cassette are each being converted to cd and sound as close to the originals as they can, and the shows i received on cd have been checked and fixed if need be so they are dao (disk at once - no two second gaps of silence between tracks), sector boundary error free (when a wav file is not the right length to fill a cd sector - a micro gap or pop can be the result), and have good sound levels. i don't have any info on the lineage of any of these recordings.

enjoy :   )


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5330aeb3894c967dabb2f689790e970b *ig2005-07-19d1t02.flac
704d44f31fbf07aabf39b4854a0f44f7 *ig2005-07-19d1t03.flac
66f3eb4e8cb12de2f41b23be4d7a5fa8 *ig2005-07-19d1t04.flac
818899c415f5bdd4ea21a3b6c57a774b *ig2005-07-19d1t05.flac
fac9ae5f78d21a01722d3041f6ef1675 *ig2005-07-19d1t06.flac
3bc14dee08e95a5cfae716b0fa5395aa *ig2005-07-19d1t07.flac
6a04e1df44cfbcbe3de288dbe59978e9 *ig2005-07-19d1t08.flac
29050a837587eea101e7e96e3fdaf72c *ig2005-07-19d1t09.flac
24c2d5104182837785257eaafb749e77 *ig2005-07-19d1t10.flac
c854a97216db219f6a8fc9d91b512fc1 *ig2005-07-19d1t11.flac
9311579f86216f7837aae9cf788eb9e3 *ig2005-07-19d1t12.flac
40c90ee4d7c7c4647e4a81cbf0720d30 *ig2005-07-19d1t13.flac
0728c4c24d438540a6c8a5613f8b56aa *ig2005-07-19d1t14.flac
69fb535671468eb07bcc64ae81e922a4 *ig2005-07-19d1t15.flac
ad4fbb188046eb87c96b9163a8ae0e3c *ig2005-07-19d2t01.flac
d891dc4d6f1ff1039e08409becdabb86 *ig2005-07-19d2t02.flac
711d38eacf5a1bdc6f8ececa8dff227f *ig2005-07-19d2t03.flac
8b7778069bca2baa853ae9991431f4c4 *ig2005-07-19d2t04.flac
03402e75d0ef4cd21bdccdced8421d74 *ig2005-07-19d2t05.flac
49f67792a34532d55b911217fb2ddf25 *ig2005-07-19d2t06.flac
4da841537dc9e902eb80f5cdf634a3d1 *ig2005-07-19d2t07.flac
1ad0aaf971af554b9fa3656b34acc270 *ig2005-07-19d2t08.flac

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