[bittorrent] devotchka 6-21-06 with permission from band management

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Thu Jul 20 10:41:47 MDT 2006

Band:           Other
Torrent Name:   devotchka 6-21-06 with permission from band management
Uploaded by:    tapernate
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=27306

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/tapernate

If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
This torrent is uploaded with permission from the band and management 
for a copy of this email me
tapernate at gmail.com

Devotchka 6-21-06 the state theatre, falls church, va
source: akg 461>722 at 16/44.1
transfer: 722 sf7>flac @ level 8
# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org)
# Generated 7/18/2006 11:42:13 AM

6ba8cd2b36a4684f3ce1631056c0b0c1 *6-21-06.rtf
ed09891ce658bf666b5b65dff6de5afe *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 01.flac
b648c181dac8b844e5a3f7eb1f71168f *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 02.flac
81c2d84d6743821bb8fc901232b81deb *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 03.flac
2c0b31e83a65c34bd8b189b4859e7458 *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 04.flac
1a0fc37146b403427c599b32b06f7437 *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 05.flac
a3d408107ba3bfc19b0f6426d9186da2 *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 06.flac
410bcb164e7af6b53e25da369b78c693 *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 07.flac
7d3881d68da278c5125e34208d84af98 *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 08.flac
84dabf2055e6e284530fc0b617880ee1 *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 09.flac
0218760c1c7b32842a093cd389a7fd56 *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 10.flac
8009c5e165e8e8552e320b88e4d37fc7 *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 11.flac
8558e1984b465c81ac3c6c94e8dc748d *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 12.flac
6dcb6d802073f8d39281684ae7e2f71f *devotchka6-21-6 D1 Track 13.flac
34434b1bf1e543226c9fb43e4d882865 *devotchka6-21-6 D2 Track 01.flac
edf5074dea0b11d081e8b71be923acc4 *devotchka6-21-6 D2 Track 02.flac
ee7729ab7dac57e7c230f17f14c59718 *devotchka6-21-6 D2 Track 03.flac
542a1a7ef208c38ef2a768502eca0985 *n&w 6-21-06 Track 01.flac
5c19ee349adb73732aef97b87acd3dec *n&w 6-21-06 Track 02.flac
78aab2f3c8bcd9fc71b9452a8c4bb247 *n&w 6-21-06 Track 03.flac
8f666fb5824981ffed46e64b1ca52f93 *n&w 6-21-06 Track 04.flac
7d0c41e614fb344d8ef4c9ed2db2f021 *n&w 6-21-06 Track 05.flac
013fd05a08d709e04ae4c4156fbd9aab *n&w 6-21-06 Track 06.flac
f502fd5997d074587042a0f581b594a2 *n&w 6-21-06 Track 07.flac
4477ba3f4cb1dd460581acc55719b04d *n&w 6-21-06 Track 08.flac
f510809aefc6f8e324938de2a3d1ecbb *n&w 6-21-06 Track 09.flac
ab8b63d77617eb58092b0ba73da6e5ab *n&w 6-21-06 Track 10.flac
155857635009d5a9e7509b468c5e4a87 *n&w 6-21-06 Track 11.flac
6dd7ef4dc83d57f0f5f5308ecfa037e0 *n&w 6-21-06 Track 12.flac
0681f5410838285cefe9c68860669d25 *n&w 6-21-06 Track 13.flac

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