[bittorrent] 1992-07-18: broward performing arts center - ft. lauderdale, florida (master edition)

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Band:           Indigo Girls
Torrent Name:   1992-07-18: broward performing arts center - ft. lauderdale, florida (master edition)
Uploaded by:    underdog13a
DB Link:        http://www.lifeblood.net/bootlegs/myboots/19920718.html
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Description / text file:
indigo girls
1992-07-18: broward performing arts center - ft. lauderdale, florida (master edition)

(with tommy marotta, scarlet riveria, martin tillman, and jerry marotta) 

disc one (51:03) 

01. another on the rise (caroline aiken with emily) (4:41)
02. white house blues (caroline aiken) (cut) (1:49)
03. galileo (5:33)
04. three hits (3:22)
05. ghost (5:34)
06. joking (5:15)
07. prince of darkness (5:56)
08. hammer and a nail (4:13)
09. the water is wide (with caroline aiken) (5:00)
10. jonas and ezekial (4:28)
11. let it be me (5:12) 

disc two (50:50) 

01. love will come to you (5:07)
02. land of canaan (4:19)
03. virginia woolf (6:26)
04. romeo and juliet (5:13)
05. fare thee well (5:11)
06. chickenman (6:42)
07. kid fears (5:50)
08. tangled up in blue (8:04)
09. closer to fine (3:58) 

an audience recording with pretty good sound.   

"master edition" - virtually all the 1998 and earlier shows came to me on cassette, most of the 1999 and after shows came to me via cd. i wanted a way to show these are the best that can be had from my collection - the shows i received on cassette are each being converted to cd and sound as close to the originals as they can, and the shows i received on cd have been checked and fixed if need be so they are dao (disk at once - no two second gaps of silence between tracks), sector boundary error free (when a wav file is not the right length to fill a cd sector - a micro gap or pop can be the result), and have good sound levels. i don't have any info on the lineage of any of these recordings.

enjoy :   )


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e5b0ea6d94b366680dfc9b2e2aa6c726 *ig1992-07-18-d1t05.flac
69a0ec07f34438acbc75f80fe387742d *ig1992-07-18-d1t06.flac
07633d269b478fdc4627d76d23e45f18 *ig1992-07-18-d1t07.flac
098226300076ffd9afa98e2a961aaf0f *ig1992-07-18-d1t08.flac
39110503aea52076da28cc34e5ed9dc1 *ig1992-07-18-d1t09.flac
0ede79d920706456801a17e734e825de *ig1992-07-18-d1t10.flac
f3bd1fb665a0ea418161a02a92b8fadf *ig1992-07-18-d1t11.flac
9f3c41da82180d0ccad47abf3827b598 *ig1992-07-18-d2t01.flac
1e7aa8b31cb4eef77b8fa2091f0584cd *ig1992-07-18-d2t02.flac
a03d12a9bd325623a3ec8c6fce22b31f *ig1992-07-18-d2t03.flac
788c9d6da132becc2bd7d41391aea2f5 *ig1992-07-18-d2t04.flac
238cd2f9046a803694e7bdc1d81b0c1a *ig1992-07-18-d2t05.flac
6b44697103aa4976373b23f8bbc15e93 *ig1992-07-18-d2t06.flac
88c277a78d488a2de8aa8585b446f5c5 *ig1992-07-18-d2t07.flac
7491fc201d60a040cf451f876b296ff5 *ig1992-07-18-d2t08.flac
ef8fb33eb0c90c3dacc227377e4426c0 *ig1992-07-18-d2t09.flac
adc1544b2f9942f402c4b268a67e30f3 *ig1992-07-18.txt

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