[bittorrent] Bruce Hornsby 7/12/06 Hawkins Amp. - Reno, NV AT822 just in front of soundboard

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Band:           Bruce Hornsby
Torrent Name:   Bruce Hornsby 7/12/06 Hawkins Amp. - Reno, NV AT822 just in front of soundboard
Uploaded by:    Will_S
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=27230

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Description / text file:
Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers
July 12, 2006
Hawkins Amphitheater - Reno, NV

Audio Technica AT822 stereo mic (cardioids XY * 110°) > Church Audio ST-20A preamp > iRiver (w/ Rockbox) wav 16/44
Mic on short stand on small table directly in front of soundboard, 7.5' off ground, DFC, row 12
tracking, SBE fix, and conversion to FLAC via Sound Studio 2.2.4
NOTE:  something happened toward the end of Standing on the Moon, either my mic battery died or a cable was knocked lose.  Severe distortion was the result.  The distorted tracks are not included in this torrent (although I did patch the end of SOTM with a long cross-fade).
However, I have found an alternate source, mastered as MP3.  Since etree is for lossless material only, I have not included these tracks in this torrent.  However the remaining tracks can be downloaded from http://homepage.mac.com/satterwill/Hawkins/index.html
This page will not be up indefinitely.  If it is down, track me down on the Bruuuce.com forums.  -Will_S
Set I / Disc 1
1. Line in the Dust
2. Changes Made, (Levi's Commercial Song)
3. Valley Road
4. Dreamland
5. Across the River > Jack Straw
6. Spider Fingers
7. Jacob's Ladder
Set II / Disc 2
1. River Runs Low
2. Country Doctor
3. Halcyon Days
4. Standing on the Moon

[note:  remaining tracks are not available in lossless format.  However an alternate MP3-mastered recroding is available at http://homepage.mac.com/satterwill/Hawkins/index.html]
5. White Wheeled Limousine > Long Black Veil
6. Way It Is
7. Fortunate Son > Comfortably Numb > Fortunate Son
8. Darlin' Corey
9. Sunflower Cat > King Harvest 

Encore / Disc 3
1. Madolin Rain > (Halcyon Days)


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