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Description / text file:
Recorded Weds 7-12-06 @ the Paradise in Boston. Very intimate show played in the front room, holding about 200 people. Mostly acoustic set showing some of the newer numbers. Overall sound is great , during the acoustic you can hear surrounding voices as the mic was pretty sensative.

Lineage is Sony HI-MD Recorder MZ-RH910 ( using Audio-Technica mic ) > WAV using Goldwave
No changes to audio except splitting of files as i needed to hide the player. Mic was stashed in the window blinds on the left side of the stage . Worked out well so the sound did not get to distrorted in the small room. Hope you enjoy it!

1. Come back home
2. For Nancy
3. Just another girl
4. Dont Mean Nothing
5. All at once
6. Murray
7. Broken Bottle (new)
8. Smiths cover ( not sure of the name )
9. Atlantic City > Life on a chain ( w/ harmonica )
10. Pass me by
11. When u see the light
12. The good advice ( new )
13. Crystal village
14. Bandstand in the sky 
15. Undercover
16. Hunter green
17. Never my love ( new cover )
18. For us ( new )
19. Black

1.come back home.flac:ef1015073163085f8b039589ed0da987
2.For Nancy.flac:3f3df238b16b910dd4bb0d77abce4f30
4.Dont Mean Nothing.flac:166329b7c150ea20aca194a17021dbff
5.All At Once.flac:acac9bb4a48206d0a6154fc06291b48e
8.Smiths Cover.flac:fce5f780bd9934412ddcd6b5c227f96b
9.Atlantic City- Chain.flac:324e53996715dd2808962b50fa2e73a2
10.Pass Me By.flac:1c6f53d5917af6fb8b7004cd4d28bc5b
12.The Good Advice.flac:61b175143b87673e3a4c6c11d55e61f7
13.Crystal Village.flac:cefb80fd8a08d7061e04430bc78a061a
14.Bandstand in the Sky.flac:d62681370406724dc3eaa8f6ff0bea79
16.New Song.flac:c4c1ba73665e58b5b10634890270e9b2
17.Never My Love.flac:61b18f5b7212700cb14edf846f36ad34
18.For Us.flac:0e04ec5f1487decc45923e8b4fb82f6d
3.Just Another.flac:ebfa118187140980eeddb14a57ec88e5
7.Broken Bottle.flac:5d822908efbcf5551c1aecc7c37c9350
11.When U See The Light.flac:cac860d96d7a55e569f2464b22e30ea1

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