[bittorrent] The Slip - 2006-07-12 - Ottawa, ON - Oktava/aud

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Band:           The Slip
Torrent Name:   The Slip - 2006-07-12 - Ottawa, ON - Oktava/aud
Uploaded by:    bradmcmail
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=27100

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Description / text file:
The Slip
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Mavericks, Ottawa, ON

Source: matched Oktava MC-012 (cardioid,-10db) > Edirol UA-5 (Oade digi-mod,44.1kHz) > optical > Creative Nomad JB3 (WAV)
Transfer: Creative Nomad JB3 > SB1394 > Creative Soundblaster Audigy > CDWav > Shorten-3.5.1

d1t01 jam >
d1t02 Soft Machine
d1t03 Get Me With Fuji
d1t04 banter
d1t05 Wne And White Soda
d1t06 P.O. Box 216
d2t01 Happy Birthday, Magaly >
d2t02 Poor Boy >
d2t03 You Don't Have To Say You're Sorry 'til You're Gone[1]
d2t04 baguette banter
d2t05 Sometimes True To Nothing
d2t06 call for encore
d2t07 Even Rats

[1] Surprise Me Mr. Davis cover.

1. The mics were on a stand up about 7' off the floor, 15' back from the centre of the stage, splayed to point at the right and left edges of the stage.

Taped and transferred by BradM (bradmcmail at yahoo.ca).

ed0ad67dd1dacb2dd3b21862715ed068 *slip2006-07-12d1t01.shn
cbde13dea946b884075968cac2fb13e7 *slip2006-07-12d1t02.shn
f3cbfe2542cb50ab278e0997f116292f *slip2006-07-12d1t03.shn
e86ea6e255f7cb8a1914785867c7aeb0 *slip2006-07-12d1t04.shn
b74a23bd1c4b111f24f2294fccf63894 *slip2006-07-12d1t05.shn
64083e0e9ca71b32b081a7189611e8e8 *slip2006-07-12d1t06.shn
3d113bf70c6ad4d5d9e03bdf74f01d18 *slip2006-07-12d2t01.shn
c0b69b838160413b548d0e7adcbf45d4 *slip2006-07-12d2t02.shn
ef107c72e9dee79d6fed47d35db98c1a *slip2006-07-12d2t03.shn
d529defb67ed302d58e812cf47f52493 *slip2006-07-12d2t04.shn
a58946ab8e4466cbac10321252430d65 *slip2006-07-12d2t05.shn
58d27f5ddfb13dfa6fef0d725dc1ad71 *slip2006-07-12d2t06.shn
e18bbe14d0249d35d34b37fe67eab1bc *slip2006-07-12d2t07.shn

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