[bittorrent] Drive ByTruckers- July 12, 2006- Raleigh, NC

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Band:           Drive-By Truckers
Torrent Name:   Drive ByTruckers- July 12, 2006- Raleigh, NC
Uploaded by:    tmfraley2
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=27092

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Description / text file:
Drive-By Truckers
Alltel Pavillion
Raleigh, NC

Source: Neumann ak40 > lc3 > km100>SD 722 @ (24/96)-- 16 bit
Location: fob/loc/ortf (sect 2- row h- seat 22)
Transfer: 722> Cd Wave> Wavelab 5.0 (Fades, dither)
Taped by: Tim Fraley 
Transferred by: Tim Fraley & Stacey Ochs

1. Tuning
2: Devil Don't Stay
3: Ronnie And Neil
4: Decoration Day
5: Feb, 14
6: Marry Me
7: Outfit
8: Dead, Drunk and Naked
9: Guitar Man Upstairs

Opened for Robert Randolph & The Black Crowes

**all with John Neff on pedal steel

DBT T9.flac:20e78ed908858de6e906588a51aad31f
DBT T1.flac:29a832c1909d7cd181db81842f69c7a2
DBT T2.flac:d5c2ccfd3895833b50141efa83e062ea
DBT T3.flac:671c1fd752a2702977750cf0f715a080
DBT T4.flac:efa17799d0f438ed0dae4717731a68ea
DBT T5.flac:596e83b84ba1f77a6b56aec9cb0c6a12
DBT T6.flac:52b1fd73263da40e1d67ddeb35189045
DBT T7.flac:dbc2bbf731eb160731852f96154a22f4
DBT T8.flac:32bdd347799ffa04bb824e7f58e4c53e

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