[bittorrent] Widespread Panic 2006-07-05 AKG 483>ACM671

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Fri Jul 7 08:20:37 MDT 2006

Band:           Widespread Panic
Torrent Name:   Widespread Panic 2006-07-05 AKG 483>ACM671
Uploaded by:    ronharpin1058
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=26943

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/ronharpin1058

If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Widespread Panic
07/05/06 Mont Bleu Showroom, Stateline, NV

Source: AKG 483 > Marantz ACM PMD 671
Transfer: USB > SF 6.0 Dither > CDwave track splits > flac
d101 From the Cradle
d102 Pigeons
d103 Sleepy Monkey
d104 Solid Rock
d105 Bust It Big
d106 Cream Puff War
d107 Down
d108 Don't Wanna Lose You
d109 Conrad  

d201 Imitation Leather Shoes
d202 Jack
d203 Ribs and Whiskey
d204 Blight
d205 Nebulous > 
d206 Big Wooly Mammoth > 

d301 Drums > School jam >
d302 Low Spark >
d303 Walkin >
d304 Low Spark
d305 wrangler

d306 Expiration Day
d307 Who Do You Belong To

The set list and tracking may be incorrect - sorry

wsp 2006-07-05d105.flac:063844eaf97a64682e22be62f1901be7
wsp 2006-07-05d106.flac:3ac58cfe0e66a823bbf422707024223d
wsp 2006-07-05d107.flac:2a1c3cd7b135de4be3e95ee15fdc5a4b
wsp 2006-07-05d108.flac:eef88a1a43cf1a136e094c3119544743
wsp 2006-07-05d109.flac:6e749458e46d502d768da027708fbc7c
wsp 2006-07-05d201.flac:8c4c6a213c8c1bfcb8c907286c74fd44
wsp 2006-07-05d202.flac:7ed65fe15c13bf1f12ecd811c237c7d1
wsp 2006-07-05d203.flac:938dc21b378f55c676962bcad1ea0355
wsp 2006-07-05d204.flac:f36e4e5d698e0780867d7e821e127883
wsp 2006-07-05d205.flac:6a8301e568276cff90e5526b745694a2
wsp 2006-07-05d206.flac:d2e8e24bdce9b69b45c57edad9dd4f01
wsp 2006-07-05d301.flac:2be180248ffdb988cb9b07554ff5ae87
wsp 2006-07-05d302.flac:9bccd407d5cab7e92a6601b74bcb251d
wsp 2006-07-05d303.flac:34349bf5a09526a40204df4930d0ae76
wsp 2006-07-05d304.flac:0b4715204dc36be62d8270a60fe16f06
wsp 2006-07-05d305.flac:d0781c78c984ba6d296f04309d567d87
wsp 2006-07-05d306.flac:b3b2ec370938749ab750c1d08a1d6f74
wsp 2006-07-05d307.flac:12fe623adc3a8f73fe2effc8c2a090bc
wsp 2006-07-05d101.flac:b534b89c0ea772536ad24e827eeeb74f
wsp 2006-07-05d102.flac:360e7b55ae915093fd36eecbbdb0319a
wsp 2006-07-05d103.flac:7a20d156b983d9e01c54ce3f6be0ed8f
wsp 2006-07-05d104.flac:85abec049a4a370d735859bdb584d93b

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