[bittorrent] indigo girls : 1987-05-09: decatur on the square - decatur, georgia (master edition)

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Band:           Indigo Girls
Torrent Name:   indigo girls : 1987-05-09: decatur on the square - decatur, georgia (master edition) 
Uploaded by:    underdog13a
DB Link:        http://www.lifeblood.net/bootlegs/myboots/19870509.html
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Description / text file:
indigo girls
1987-05-09: decatur on the square - decatur, georgia (master edition) 

(acoustic duo show) 

disc one (53:50) 

01. introduction (1:48)
02. summertime (4:12)
03. cold as ice (4:55)
04. never stop (3:18)
05. holy city (3:52)
06. crazy game (3:45)
07. love of the common people (4:13)
08. no way to treat a friend (4:14)
09. the water is wide (4:50)
10. lifeblood (4:59)
11. killing time (with michelle malone) (6:29)
12. strange fire (7:15) 

disc two (55:05) 

01. land of canaan (4:33)
02. don't give up on me baby (4:45)
03. make this house a home (with michelle malone) (5:58)
04. up in smoke (6:34)
05. happy birthday (1:06)
06. romeo and juliet (5:57)
07. history of us (5:45)
08. love the one you're with (with michelle malone) (4:13)
09. happy birthday (1:53)
10. peace song (4:04)
11. american tune (5:20)
12. get together (4:57) 

a broadcast source, sounds very good considering its age. this is a slightly better sounding version of this show than has been torrented before, i am re-offering it per an e-mail request i received.

"master edition" - virtually all the 1998 and earlier shows came to me on cassette, most of the 1999 and after shows came to me via cd. i wanted a way to show these are the best that can be had from my collection - the shows i received on cassette are each being converted to cd and sound as close to the originals as they can, and the shows i received on cd have been checked and fixed if need be so they are dao (disk at once - no two second gaps of silence between tracks), sector boundary error free (when a wav file is not the right length to fill a cd sector - a micro gap or pop can be the result), and have good sound levels. i don't have any info on the lineage of any of these recordings.

enjoy : )


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da47401df484558cca3693583f3d99b0 *ig1987-05-09-d1t01.flac
4cfa2c95599726461fd8770a2bd24551 *ig1987-05-09-d1t02.flac
9ad8035f613eb7ef90fc29c963145a48 *ig1987-05-09-d1t03.flac
65ffe514a2ef48e1c38ff74e017692fc *ig1987-05-09-d1t04.flac
98e44d373f552057bca01b267414e2a2 *ig1987-05-09-d1t05.flac
b4fd746b13a2bd83db8baf19f2932628 *ig1987-05-09-d1t06.flac
e2a26a4c7735574021e29884fca3028f *ig1987-05-09-d1t07.flac
fa87a85ddf099f90c5ddb2add1a4d3f7 *ig1987-05-09-d1t08.flac
02c293e24d1581e70c1cbe72b4f5bbd9 *ig1987-05-09-d1t09.flac
467be91c0727261d62a4e8d47d906495 *ig1987-05-09-d1t10.flac
5b366957710e1af3d24d251f2ff48ed0 *ig1987-05-09-d1t11.flac
63e33340316082677a105d4a4db855d7 *ig1987-05-09-d1t12.flac
9870de407d29f02bee07a6a9582538ec *ig1987-05-09-d2t01.flac
4b02e1da0c5a7f0cadb83d3a12a045d5 *ig1987-05-09-d2t02.flac
e276188da3ee501d7f4ad9cd32f10164 *ig1987-05-09-d2t03.flac
dd30af6169015f8afcede394cb1e0989 *ig1987-05-09-d2t04.flac
581eb47feb80342d35cc385aef0d1e8f *ig1987-05-09-d2t05.flac
999539ef0894db67820fa538a82c83d9 *ig1987-05-09-d2t06.flac
d547dfc15450db7726ad7fa550e57d7c *ig1987-05-09-d2t07.flac
3ccf356703108c305b044731e0962d9e *ig1987-05-09-d2t08.flac
6a18d2b57e77a81d9d6a30eaba137e13 *ig1987-05-09-d2t09.flac
cfc03347fdcbe46268f3116b54138914 *ig1987-05-09-d2t10.flac
f6f05b799f38b94664ee197acd7c2a0b *ig1987-05-09-d2t11.flac
1f895aa3ebda944cceaf88b28d41125b *ig1987-05-09-d2t12.flac
6d0ea29c6d542511e5a7e2e26933903b *ig1987-05-09.txt

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