[bittorrent] indigo girls : 1988-05-17: wrek - atlanta, georgia (master edition)

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Band:           Indigo Girls
Torrent Name:   indigo girls : 1988-05-17: wrek - atlanta, georgia (master edition)
Uploaded by:    underdog13a
DB Link:        http://www.lifeblood.net/bootlegs/myboots/19880517.html
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=26940

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Description / text file:
indigo girls
1988-05-17: wrek - atlanta, georgia (master edition)

disc one (65:30) 

01. prince of darkness (4:40)
02. interview (4:48)
03. everybody's waiting (for someone to come home) (album version) (5:30)
04. interview (0:34)
05. cold as ice (3:43)
06. interview (5:11)
07. love's recovery (4:06)
08. interview (7:57)
09. center stage (4:24)
10. interview (4:13)
11. thin line (3:21)
12. interview (1:58)
13. no way to treat a friend (3:06)
14. interview (3:30)
15. love of the common people (2:52)
16. interview (0:37)
17. left me a fool (album version) (5:00) 

a broadcast source, sounds pretty good considering its age. this version of this show has been torrented before, i am re-offering it per an e-mail request i received.

"master edition" - virtually all the 1998 and earlier shows came to me on cassette, most of the 1999 and after shows came to me via cd. i wanted a way to show these are the best that can be had from my collection - the shows i received on cassette are each being converted to cd and sound as close to the originals as they can, and the shows i received on cd have been checked and fixed if need be so they are dao (disk at once - no two second gaps of silence between tracks), sector boundary error free (when a wav file is not the right length to fill a cd sector - a micro gap or pop can be the result), and have good sound levels. i don't have any info on the lineage of any of these recordings.

enjoy : )


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e8c45aba9fc3064db1e1554916759245 *ig1988-05-17-t01.flac
c7aebc2794b01b3a47fa5b96e8759398 *ig1988-05-17-t02.flac
87a4deafa76b7bded4da14b6ed5adc6a *ig1988-05-17-t03.flac
02b0b29a11ac88274c307555f7a6b4c8 *ig1988-05-17-t04.flac
76d0334b361af596b08977406373479b *ig1988-05-17-t05.flac
c1a5b77ac49ca13c5f40c1daf72539e7 *ig1988-05-17-t06.flac
25cc5e1d15513d4added86a079cd70f4 *ig1988-05-17-t07.flac
7bbc3cfdacc695a66f114deb65c48a90 *ig1988-05-17-t08.flac
55187d0c1af5f75ee670ec7fcb639454 *ig1988-05-17-t09.flac
e23b05a7f58f661c8ad77c187ddb9329 *ig1988-05-17-t10.flac
3aef54c9fa46ae6dcfa82d8974ad263e *ig1988-05-17-t11.flac
5d3c3044eebcdbe86c486cd2ddbb5776 *ig1988-05-17-t12.flac
26fd8f4c0748777689e8e5c28ab6883c *ig1988-05-17-t13.flac
cb54c186869fbd3683fa43c4a658285c *ig1988-05-17-t14.flac
903207b07b9caf3912bdab171e53bf5a *ig1988-05-17-t15.flac
e7c4da2deded23462603edfc38f6fac3 *ig1988-05-17-t16.flac
062530c4b188fbd61c5fb0489558afc6 *ig1988-05-17-t17.flac
d196eff06fdbacf94bf1c0d6835374b2 *ig1988-05-17.txt

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