[bittorrent] indigo girls : 1988-04-11: the uptown lounge - athens, georgia (master edition)

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Band:           Indigo Girls
Torrent Name:   indigo girls : 1988-04-11: the uptown lounge - athens, georgia (master edition) 
Uploaded by:    underdog13a
DB Link:        http://www.lifeblood.net/bootlegs/myboots/19880411.html
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=26935

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Description / text file:
indigo girls
1988-04-11: the uptown lounge - athens, georgia (master edition) 

(acoustic duo show) 

disc one (51:55) 

01. prince of darkness (6:57)
02. cold as ice (3:37)
03. thin line (3:54)
04. secure yourself (4:03)
05. make it easier (4:29)
06. summertime (with john keane) (5:25)
07. walk away (with john keane) (6:59)
08. white house blues (with john keane) (3:53)
09. center stage (with john keane) (4:46)
10. all along the watchtower (with john keane) (7:52) 

disc two (45:03) 

01. the ballad of squeaky fromme (5:39)
02. blood and fire (4:51)
03. all night long (with john keane) (3:35)
04. hey jesus (4:47)
05. crazy game (3:17)
06. lifeblood (5:06)
07. left me a fool (5:29)
08. happy birthday (1:15)
09. strange fire (6:17)
10. american tune (4:47) 

a broadcast source, a little hiss but it otherwise sounds very good considering its age. a different show than the commericially released "live at the uptown lounge". this version of this show has been torrented before, i am re-offering it per an e-mail request i received.

"master edition" - virtually all the 1998 and earlier shows came to me on cassette, most of the 1999 and after shows came to me via cd. i wanted a way to show these are the best that can be had from my collection - the shows i received on cassette are each being converted to cd and sound as close to the originals as they can, and the shows i received on cd have been checked and fixed if need be so they are dao (disk at once - no two second gaps of silence between tracks), sector boundary error free (when a wav file is not the right length to fill a cd sector - a micro gap or pop can be the result), and have good sound levels. i don't have any info on the lineage of any of these recordings.

enjoy : )


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d2d3e8cc1a56f4521f4617e9ffc03bf4 *ig1988-04-11-d1-t02.flac
74fdd983b10156f697f84df5c5e637ce *ig1988-04-11-d1-t03.flac
7b957bd86dec6ba7dc4a164bda95e85d *ig1988-04-11-d1-t04.flac
f59a9af13ed5c55fdbfab3a86e4130c3 *ig1988-04-11-d1-t05.flac
d0b3e24853715fa8891e265f24b13ca3 *ig1988-04-11-d1-t06.flac
0ccc58008555df6df7a03882daa4912a *ig1988-04-11-d1-t07.flac
5cc4fbbf4a938d222be4e95cceea1196 *ig1988-04-11-d1-t08.flac
af14d97eccb82170bb0ed4fd2df28efd *ig1988-04-11-d1-t09.flac
8d0a343c958312ce793719145fe718ab *ig1988-04-11-d1-t10.flac
aa1c8f1e3b5d6c558b26ef6a65ee3a4e *ig1988-04-11-d2-t01.flac
b83ca2c13aa10294c3e7235ef5787f90 *ig1988-04-11-d2-t02.flac
c7576817be7e8191883bb08a14b407b4 *ig1988-04-11-d2-t03.flac
2416c080c15a6f7629aa63c8b2b711a1 *ig1988-04-11-d2-t04.flac
8f07d80158555290e47b229f6ab701d7 *ig1988-04-11-d2-t05.flac
ae6e1b33aa69caca3e07e8ff16973b6d *ig1988-04-11-d2-t06.flac
887c7bf8ba82b51aaa34e8095dbb7cef *ig1988-04-11-d2-t07.flac
850ce6f5012bef9aff58a250379e12ef *ig1988-04-11-d2-t08.flac
bdf0cf811498340f4b13ff63e113b8da *ig1988-04-11-d2-t09.flac
0b754e67e6c6f624ee217b098887e2b7 *ig1988-04-11-d2-t10.flac
b4b939bbc79880d361192fa74ee1e5b8 *ig1988-04-11.txt

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