[bittorrent] Keller & The Keels - The Barns at Kelly's Ford - Remington, VA - 5/5/06 - Matrix 4022's + SBD

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Band:           Keller Williams
Torrent Name:   Keller & The Keels - The Barns at Kelly's Ford - Remington, VA - 5/5/06 - Matrix 4022's + SBD
Uploaded by:    dublab
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Description / text file:
Keller & The Keels - The Barns at Kelly's Ford - Remington, VA - 5/5/06
Engineer     : John Paradiso with generous help from Lou Gosain
Comments  : Private Birthday Party for Marc Wren

Matrix 4022+sbd:
B&K(DPA)4022 xy > Lou's Protools rig for phantom power and delay mixed with
sbd feed > 722 @ 24/96 (via 1/4" trs)

All transfers editing and tracking done by John Paradiso

David Via opened solo acoustic.
Larry Keel and Natural Bridge closed.
Second set guests included:
The Corn Tornado: David Via, Fiddly Dave VanDeventer, John Flower, Danny Knicely

Set I Disc I

01) kw2006-05-05d1t01 Tuning
02) kw2006-05-05d1t02 Star Trek Theme ->
03) kw2006-05-05d1t03 New Horizons
04) kw2006-05-05d1t04 I Want a New Drug ->
05) kw2006-05-05d1t05 Play This ->
06) kw2006-05-05d1t06 I Want a New Drug
07) kw2006-05-05d1t07 Local
08) kw2006-05-05d1t08 Take The Money and Run ->
09) kw2006-05-05d1t09 Thirsty In The Rain
10) kw2006-05-05d1t10 Holler in the Moonlight
11) kw2006-05-05d1t11 Bird Song
12) kw2006-05-05d1t12 Happy Birthday Marc
13) kw2006-05-05d1t13 Goof Balls
14) kw2006-05-05d1t14 Mary Jane's Last Breakdown

Set II Disc II

01) kw2006-05-05d2t01 Intro
02) kw2006-05-05d2t02 Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman ->
03) kw2006-05-05d2t03 Houses of The Holy
04) kw2006-05-05d2t04 Changed The Locks
05) kw2006-05-05d2t05 Crater in The Backyard
06) kw2006-05-05d2t06 Vanilla Ice Cream ->
07) kw2006-05-05d2t07 Maggie's Farm ->
08) kw2006-05-05d2t08 Calling all artists Jam ->
09) kw2006-05-05d2t09 Soul Shakedown Party ->
10) kw2006-05-05d2t10 Low Rider ->
11) kw2006-05-05d2t11 Another Brick in The Wall ->
12) kw2006-05-05d2t12 Galloping Horse ->
13) kw2006-05-05d2t13 Whirly Pig ->
14) kw2006-05-05d2t14 Culpeper Woodchuck ->
15) kw2006-05-05d2t15 Breathe ->
16) kw2006-05-05d2t16 Longview ->
17) kw2006-05-05d2t17 Another Brick in The Wall ->
18) kw2006-05-05d2t18 Breathe
19) kw2006-05-05d2t19 Love Bizarre
20) kw2006-05-05d2t20 Connie Chung

kw2006-05-05d1t01 Tuning.flac:c0981ceeeb1fc1c62f5256674bbbef3f
kw2006-05-05d1t02 Star Trek Theme.flac:4709491d923cba4f67fa16a33757726f
kw2006-05-05d1t03 New Horizons.flac:45fd52e120c1c6074e356fdf93f25259
kw2006-05-05d1t04 I Want a New Drug.flac:c12e4e96abdeab80fabbffd62382e2e6
kw2006-05-05d1t05 Play This.flac:85bf3b5e84354b65296ff03bbf87f5ec
kw2006-05-05d1t06 I Want a New Drug.flac:117e2057e948f876b26190244022efed
kw2006-05-05d1t07 Local.flac:597a6e41b93bfa0c3ae545870f0a4b15
kw2006-05-05d1t08 Take The Money and Run.flac:6abaa81107c4d8bce5e953e6d512cf6a
kw2006-05-05d1t09 Thirsty In The Rain.flac:4a253995e9282a9feab185da74afe24d
kw2006-05-05d1t10 Holler in the Moonlight.flac:eb1dc06d17aeada12f635cc2606227b4
kw2006-05-05d1t11 Bird Song.flac:dfe09a7f2e9f7174781f54c30f027d99
kw2006-05-05d1t12 Happy Birthday Marc.flac:f41acb143a3ebd5cf768645b51725055
kw2006-05-05d1t13 Goof Balls.flac:56f6ae76c6ed28b9a4556046a3452855
kw2006-05-05d1t14 Mary Jane's Last Breakdown.flac:38d6c89b8669c59db52ceeebd2c2ae2d
kw2006-05-05d2t01 Intro.flac:f7eb7cc3648d923faa0d2ef180281979
kw2006-05-05d2t02 Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman.flac:db4aa6e62afc99640573c018658de140
kw2006-05-05d2t03 Houses of The Holy.flac:d6bc46ed51792cc10440318d56973d95
kw2006-05-05d2t04 Changed The Locks.flac:5c8b3ba729a1adf03583395caf4608a5
kw2006-05-05d2t05 Crater in The Backyard.flac:19cd62b06734b411b9e17668cb0b1497
kw2006-05-05d2t06 Vanilla Ice Cream.flac:b7da5f427761334d35245c7f7c564e7d
kw2006-05-05d2t07 Maggie's Farm.flac:0b530cda3bdd6ede9947c9284614c3d2
kw2006-05-05d2t08 Calling all artists Jam.flac:27d0c3807d9ee102891da748c2fc1c8e
kw2006-05-05d2t09 Soul Shakedown Party.flac:d6a32912b761c145af13462ed6925128
kw2006-05-05d2t10 Low Rider.flac:688966752a849d7b9e414cd9532e10fd
kw2006-05-05d2t11 Another Brick in The Wall.flac:81bc703bd21026f893246d69a6015631
kw2006-05-05d2t12 Galloping Horse.flac:ebc37a4fed85a13efbe4db8f89ea3647
kw2006-05-05d2t13 Whirly Pig.flac:5142cf5e889e798e588ec7114fc95621
kw2006-05-05d2t14 Culpeper Woodchuck.flac:0c86d7ab119ec4c245b651a4e778eb79
kw2006-05-05d2t15 Breathe.flac:943f35f63c4e701c7614f7445ea917b2
kw2006-05-05d2t16 Longview.flac:ccd53d80623ccd879173a74de5312793
kw2006-05-05d2t17 Another Brick in The Wall.flac:d960fec31bceb1e9f0b036b5e3bd7714
kw2006-05-05d2t18 Breathe.flac:873eba9b5a729b815ad60505985cbb44
kw2006-05-05d2t19 Love Bizarre.flac:ee0872fedb9dd64ef1dc9db14e8cf832
kw2006-05-05d2t20 Connie Chung.flac:f002084c8713f54db9f061eebac945ad

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